With vehicles becoming more and more sophisticated with their electrical systems, keeping up to date on the latest diagnostics and scan tools is something to be expected of the most dedicated auto-electricians and repairers.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostics scan tools to help locate precisely any issues that might be hampering your vehicle, using the network of electronic sensors, monitors and gauges built into modern cars to more accurately repair your vehicle right the first time.

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Alternators & Starter Motors

If you regularly have trouble starting your vehicle in the morning, it may be indicative of a faulty starter motor or alternator. While it's a common auto-electrical issue, it can play havoc with your vehicle with little other warning of anything wrong.

We can repair or replace your faulty starter motor or alternator with an item from our range of quality original manufacturer equivalent parts from Bosch and Delco Remy, two of the country's most trusted auto electrical parts suppliers.

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Choosing the right battery for your vehicle is more complicated than it might seem. An improperly fitting battery or one that doesn't meet the demands of your vehicle will quickly see your vehicle develop electrical issues that may last long after the battery is replaced.

We can advise on the right battery for your particular needs, and fit a replacement battery from our range of quality products from several quality suppliers, including the likes of Bosch. We can also install dual battery systems if your vehicle requires a little extra power.

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Lighting & Accessories

We can advise and install a range of lighting solutions for your vehicle, from conventional headlights and indicators to additional light bars, searchlights and spotlights. We can also install other electronic accessories, from alarms and immobilisers to rear- and dashboard-mounted cameras and more.

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Air Conditioning

Keeping your vehicle's cabin cool is essential to comfortable driving, particularly in Queensland's at-times-oppressive climate. That requires an air conditioning system ready to keep you cool when you need it.

Our team can properly service and repair your vehicle's air conditioning system, from checking the hosing and seals for leaks and cracks to wholesale replacement of your air conditioning unit. Once we're satisfied your system's as tight as a drum, we can then have it re-gassed with the refrigerants it needs to keep you cool.

Make sure your vehicle's ready for the next summer by bringing it in for an air conditioning system check. Call today to organise a booking!